Bridal Boutique Software Tour

Easily take appointments online

With online appointment scheduling, brides book (or request) appointments directly from your website. Our SmartBook feature keeps you in control of which bridal consultants, fitting rooms and times are available for booking.

Once an appointment is booked, BridalLive automatically reminds your brides based on their preferences (text message or email). Then brides can confirm appointments directly from the reminder email or text message. This reduces no-shows and cancellations.

BridalLive is the ultimate appointment calendar for bridal and formalwear retailers.

The ultimate bridal dashboard

Our Smart View feature brings important statistics to the forefront to help reduce ordering mistakes and keep your boutique running smoothly.

With Smart View, you can quickly locate bridesmaids parties that need deposits taken, purchase orders that are late and Special Orders that need to be issued to your designer.

Flexible Bridal Point of Sale System

Tailored specifically for the formal wear industry, our bridal POS software let's you ring up everything from Quick Sales to Special Orders and Layaways. You can even have customized Sales Agreements for each type of order.

Say goodbye to old fashioned credit card terminals and simply swipe your customers' credit cards into the POS system on your computer or iPad.

Simplify the Purchase Order process by creating POs directly from the customer order. Keep orders from falling through the cracks with the Smart View feature!

Inventory Management & Stock Control

Track departments, vendors, inventory items, color charts, size charts, up-size fees, pictures, dress attributes and so much more! Plus, print hang tags with bar codes to expedite the checkout process.

Private Labeling feature prevents "showrooming" and allows you to have a your own style numbers.

Email Purchase Orders to vendors and track the fulfillment process. Quickly identify problem orders with the Smart View feature. Then, when customer orders arrive, send a "pickup" email right from BridalLive!

Simplified Bridal Shop Marketing System

Who has time for busy work anymore? With BridalLive, you can re-claim your time, by automating repetitive tasks.

Gone are the days of manually sending appointment emails, feedback request emails, after purchase coupons. BridalLive customers save hours of time doing administrative work and focus on growing their business!

With a comprehensive suite of tools at your disposal, you'll be taking appointments online, automatically reminding brides of their appointments, and so much more!

We play nice with others!

BridalLive can tie in with the other applications that you use to run your business.

Our QuickBooks export feature can be set up to automatically export your Point of Sale data to QuickBooks, thus reducing book keeping costs.

Text messaging is provided by Twilio and Email Marketing is provided by MailChimp. When combined with BridalLive's powerful marketing system, you can automatically kick off drip marketing campaigns based on your customer's behaviors! A first for the Bridal Industry!