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Bridal Store Inventory Fundamentals Tutorial

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After watching this video, you will understand the basic concepts for managing inventory with BridalLive's bridal shop software.

The inventory module is made up of 3 areas: Vendors, Departments and Items. Vendors are the companies that you purchase products from that you plan to sell to your customers. Departments are just categories of your inventory (i.e. Bridal Gowns, Bridesmaids Dresses, Prom Dresses, etc). Items are anything that you sell to a customer. This can be physical products, like Bridal Gowns, or intangible products/service like alterations.

The basic concept is that you enter 1 item in to the software for each physical item you have in the store. Then you can set up Available Colors and Sizes for each item. Then when you are selling the bridal gown on the point of sale module, you'll be able to select from the available colors!