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How to perform a physical inventory for your Bridal Store .v2

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After watching this video, you will understand how to conduct a physical inventory count in your bridal store with BridalLive. Conducting a physical inventory is usually a very tedious process, now with BridalLive, you can drastically cut the time it takes to perform your physical inventory count.

Conducting a physical inventory is the fastest way to adjust the on hand quantities of the items you have in your store. The basic principal is that you will walk around your bridal shop with a bar code scanner and scan all of the items in the store. Once you are done, you'll click the Finish button and BridalLive will adjust all of the on hand quantities of your items to match what you've scanned.

When you are done scanning, you can go to Reports > Inventory On Hand and see all of the items and their accurate quantities. This report will also give you a total value of your inventory as well. This is very handy for tax purposes at year end.

Enjoy the video!